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Before I started with Body Sobriety I had years of depression and pain. To not feel my pain I hid myself in pot, food and pills. At first the work seemed subtle but then after a few weeks I started feeling different. The breath and movement I experienced on the table was calming and that started spilling over in my life. I am more comfortable in social groups. I have the courage to live on my own. The daily exercises have empowered me to do anything I want. Body Sobriety had been amazing and has changed my life forever.
- Sherry M

The wonderful thing about being entrained by Dr. Miller, is that you feel great right away. I felt a general sense of well being after the second week of my visits. I looked forward to the appointments three times a week. After some weeks, Dr. Miller addressed specific blockages in my body, and I felt a dramatic increase in energy. The timing proved to be perfect, there were increasing demands on me at work and school. From the time I began with Lori Miller, I was enrolled in a Masters program. I feel that her work enabled me to work on my thesis exhibition without the distractions I usually contend with. It was not easy at first in terms of dealing with some of the emotional baggage that came up, it was very intense. Lori reminds you not to attach to these memories and feelings, to just observe them and let them go. Through her guidance I was able to let go of deep emotional experiences that I was unable to release through talk therapy. During entrainments I felt more at peace than svasana in yoga. It is still somewhat mysterious to me in terms of how it works, but the results in terms of my health and productivity are very clear to me. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Miller for her work and her ability to identify a problem area and offer clear solutions.
- Penny Y

Body Sobriety has brought so much into my life. For over 20 years every night I was at a bar or out partying with my friends and my life was going no where. I had decades of fast food addiction and sugar addiction that would not quit, however, during the program I found it much easier to make different choices. Now that I have stopped the things that once held me back I have started my life. So finally I have real joy and I am ready for the world.
- Mary

I’ve been in the Body Sobriety Program for over two years and the changes in my life have been awesome! I don’t think there’s a part of me that hasn’t been profoundly affected. From my eating habits all the way to my decision to pursue my life’s ambition(finally!), who I am today is dramatically different from who I was when I first got involved with Body Sobriety and I know without question that I owe so much of these changes to working with this program. I tell everyone about it and encourage anyone who is looking to get serious about improving their life to check it out. It’s like waking up.
- Tracy

My posture has improved greatly, and I feel much better in my skin. I'm better equipt to handle the stresses in my life. Dr. Lori taught me confidence in my body and posture.
- Matt

I can think of 100 ways this has positively changed my life.
- Laura L.