About Us

Our Founding Director
Dr. Lori D. Miller

After studying with the top masters in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), chiropractic, personal training and development, Dr. Lori D. Miller created the Body Sobriety® Program which teaches addicts as well as those suffering from depression and anxiety how to achieve a life of balance and realize their ambitions. Her goal is to empower people to take responsibility for their health and well-being by giving them the tools to  take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In 2003, Dr. Miller founded the Body Sobriety Center in Los Angeles , and it provides leading-edge treatment in wellness and recovery. 

With an undergraduate degree in health education, Dr. Miller was awarded the Doctor of Chiropractic in 2000 from Life Chiropractic College West. In post-graduate, she reached the highest level of certification in Network Spinal Analysis. She is a published author.

Teresa Holzbach
Coach T

Teresa Holzbach (a.k.a. Coach T), an athlete who has earned national awards, is a former Junior Olympian. Over the last 20 years she has worked with many different trainers and coaches. Now a certified personal trainer, T believes that developing your body to its full physical potential will enable the habits of mind that will enrich your life. She is a strong proponent of the Body Sobriety Program.

Daniella Eisman
Administrative Director

Daniella, who has been with Body Sobriety for four years, has seen the amazing positive results of Network Spinal Analysis. This coupled with her background in finance and communications has made her an invaluable member of the Body Sobriety Team. For eight years Daniella worked in the entertainment industry, building production companies, producing shows and managing film and TV productions.